Solid State Voltage Regulators For 3 Brush Motorcycle Generators


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February, 2006

I have installed six of your regulators so far.  Four were in various Splitdorf generators and two were in Indian Verticals.  As the use on Indian Verticals was my idea, they required a bit more work, but on the Splitdorfs, just follow the easy to use instructions enclosed with the units.  In all cases, the regulator worked as promised through all load ranges up to the limit of the generators!  My customers say it is so nice not to have their batteries leak on their paint jobs due to over-charging the battery or having to drive home at night like Ray Charles due to dead batteries!  I expect to order many more of these as the word gets out, especially for the verticals.  Thanks for a fine product!!

Irving E. Truax, Jr. 
Ilion, New York


February, 2005           

I installed the new regulator on a 1923 Henderson Deluxe.  I am running a Splitdorf DU-5 generator.  Per the instructions the assembly went very smooth with just one request for assistance due to my ignorance with electrical systems in general.  The total time in installation was less than 2 hours.  I installed this just before the 2004 Arkansas Road Run.  In the three days of riding, much of which was warm weather, the regulator performed beyond my expectations.  I ran the headlight continuously for the three days.  At no time did my light dim or my battery need any attention.  I know for a fact that the new regulator was the answer to proper lighting and battery charging.  Finally a product we can count on.  I highly recommend it.

Kris Thompson
Lincoln, Nebraska


January, 2005

I built up a 1929 K.J. and tried the mechanical regulator in the generator for a while, followed by a diode (one way current) set up.  This solid state voltage regulator is a simple, straightforward, dependable solution to  keeping your battery functioning properly.  The installation instructions make the conversion easy.  Looking forward to more road runs with the headlight on all the time for safety.

Jeff Roth
Wichita, Kansas


January, 2005

The installation instructions are very comprehensive, yet easy to follow.  Since I installed it, I have ridden over 1,000 trouble-free miles with my headlight on and the battery has always been properly maintained at full charge.  Definitely an "install and forget" item.

John Grimberg
Golden, Colorado

John Grimberg and his KJ Henderson during the Gunnison road run in September, 2004


August, 2004

I have now logged over 450 miles with the new regulator without any problems.  Even on hot days, the DU-7 cap seems to be cooler than the body of the DU-7 and I always run with my lights on.  I no longer have to worry about over-charging or draining the battery while running with the new regulator.  The amperage automatically adjusts to the current load no matter what lighting combo is in use.

Kevin Linville
Bayfield, Colorado

Kevin kindly included the following statistics for us.  Thanks, Kevin!

Before installation of the voltage regulator:
Battery voltage (not running) 6.3 volts
Max output of DU-7 with 3" brush max advanced 8.4 amps @ approximately 2,000 rpm
Voltage output @ approximately 2,000 rpm 9.4 volts
Idle 7.0 volts
3rd brush set to normal running position 4 to 4.3 amps @ 2,000 rpm
Voltage output @ approximately 2,000 rpm 9.0 volts
Idle 7.0 volts
After obtaining the above measurements, Kevin installed the voltage regulator and got the following current draw results:
Lights and speedometer light 4.3 amps
Without speedometer light 3.8 amps
All lights on (brakes, speedometer & headlight) 6.2 amps


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