Solid State Voltage Regulators For 3 Brush Motorcycle Generators


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Auto-Lite Generators
Indian Motorcycles

Indian Auto-Lite Generator Data Plate Numbers

Year Scout Chief Four Battery Four Magneto Sport Scout 30:50
1931 GAS-4102 Splitdorf DU-7 N/A Unknown N/A N/A
1932 GAS-4102 GAS-4102 N/A GAS-4104 N/A Unknown
1933 GAS-4104 GAS-4104 GAS 4114 GAS-4104 N/A Unknown
1934 GAS-4104 GAS-4104 GAS 4114 GAS-4104 GAS 4102 Unknown


Indian Service Shot #155, Auto-Lite generator data plate numbers for 1935-1946 Indian motorcycles:


Indian Generator Data Plate Numbers
Year Chief Arrow* Scout*
1947 Standard GAS-4151 or GAS 4151A-1
1947 High Output GDE-4101 or GDE-4101A
1948High Output GDE-4101 or GDE-4101A
1949 GDE-4101A G805 or G805A G805 or G805A
1950 GDE-4101A G805A G805A
1951 GDE-4101A G805A G805A
1952 GDE-4101A G805A G805A
1953 GDE-4101A

* = I don't believe that generators used on the 1949 Arrow and the 1949-1952 Scouts were made by Auto-Lite, but are listed on this chart for convenience.

Information on the 1950-1951 Indian police generator from Roger Hensley:

The generator was  made by American Generator & Armature Co. and was not a special unit for Indian.  It was rated at 25 amps.  It has a cooling fan on the pulley end which requires a cut-back in the upper flange of the belt guard.  The commutator end was open, and Indian part # 333,013 was used as a cover. The battery was made by "C&D",  their part no.  UV-37.  It was rated at 45 amp-hours.  With this setup the regulator, Auto-Lite VRR-4001-B, was mounted on the chainguard.

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