Solid State Voltage Regulators For 3 Brush Motorcycle Generators


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A few tips to keep your Splitdorf generator alive and well


1. Keep generator output current as low as possible to meet your  motorcycle's needs.

2. Keep the cutout properly adjusted and lubricated (mechanical cutout only).

3. Adjust the drive belt for a taught but not tight fit.  A loose belt will reduce the charging rate.

4. Ensure generator is properly grounded. The mounting bracket should be placed over the bare "stripe" on the generator body.

 5. Check your ammeter for a zero reading after shutting off the machine.  


1. Operate the generator without a battery in the circuit or a ground wire attached.  Operating the generator without a path for current to flow to ground will force all the generated current through the field coils which can cause them to fail.

2. Operate the generator at maximum output or above 5 amps for an extended time.

3. Run the belt too tight. Remember the bearings supporting the armature are pretty small and in the case of the DU-1 a small diameter drive shaft which can be easily bent.

4. Over oil the bearings. A little goes a long way. Excessive oiling can ruin a generator.  A few drops of light oil once or twice a year should be sufficient.

5. Run the generator in the opposite direction. Always verify the generator's designed rotation before operating. Look for the arrow stamped into the body at the pulley end.

6. Allow excessive end play to develop in the bearings. Excessive end play also means excessive side play of the armature.  Clearance between the armature and the pole shoes is only about .012" - .015".  If this side play becomes excessive, the armature may strike the pole shoes causing irreparable damage.

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